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Update about the bridge, summer construction

posted Apr 27, 2010, 7:51 PM by Alex deVries   [ updated Apr 27, 2010, 8:01 PM ]

Alex Cullen forwarded this note to me from a project manager at the city. There's some highlights:

  • maybe there'll be a new bridge in 2011 (Cullen will follow up)
  • construction at Herzberg and Carling will be continue from May 3 - end of June, which should address some of those localized surface problems.  This is finishing last year's work.

- Alex deVries

From:   XXX

Sent:   April 27,2010 2:57 PM

To:     Cullen, Alex

Cc:     XXX

Subject:        RE: Carling Ave. (railway crossing to Herzberg Rd.)

Councillor Cullen,

2011: Bridge-culvert replacement of the structure located approximately 400 m east of Herzberg Rd. is being handle by XXX, ext, XXX. As part of this contract new paved shoulders will be constructed. You may confirm with the City PM.

I am looking after the Intersection Improvements at Herzberg Rd. and Carling Ave. We will reconstruction the existing paved shoulders east and west of this intersection for approximately 150m west and 200m east on both side of Carling Ave. Our Contractor is schedule to resume construction at this intersection May 3, 2010 with a completion dated of end June 2010. 

I will also be managing the reconstruction of the existing 406 mm watermain on Carling Ave. from March Rd. to Schneider Rd. As part of the watermain reconstruction scoping, the City will remove and replace the existing paved shoulders from approximately 200m east of March Rd. to Herzberg Rd. on both side of Carling Ave.




Project Manager


City of Ottawa

Infrastructure Services Department

Design & Construction Municipal West